Main types of services and works

RUE "Design Institute Mogilyovgiprozem" renders to the organizations, individual entrepreneurs and citizens of service:

  • Production of land management materials on withdrawal and granting the land plots in continuous, temporary use, the lifelong inherited possession, a private property or rent for stated purposes;
  • Drawing up and the edition in graphic and digital (electronic) types of cadastral, soil cards and plans;
  • Production of plans of lands for commission of notarially certified transactions with the real estate and the land plots;
  • Survey of the area;
  • Designing of the partition of the land plots;
  • Production of cartographic materials, including for design of laying of engineering communications;
  • Soil and erosive and agrochemical inspection of lands;

Production departments No. 1,3,4 and branch Gorki:

  • Registration of materials of withdrawal and granting the land plots;
  • Establishment (restoration) of borders and paperwork on the land plots;
  • Designing of intraeconomic and intereconomic land management;
  • Geodetic and cartographical works at engineering and geodetic, meliorative researches;

Department of land information systems:

  • Design and creation of land information systems of varying complexity and appointments;
  • Establishment of borders and production of plans of the agricultural enterprises in the aero photogeodetic way;
  • Production of digital maps, models of a relief and orthophotomaps.

Department on control of quality of works:

  • Monitoring procedure of quality of the land management materials (works) presented on check;
  • The organization and conducting field quality checks of the performed works;
  • Timely providing the necessary reporting under results of work of structural division;
  • Implementation of the methodical help to the staff of production divisions concerning carrying out land management works;
  • The analysis of the mistakes revealed in the course of quality check, and finishing them for the purpose of elimination to chiefs, chief specialists on quality and specialists of production divisions;
  • carrying out technical study with experts.

 Sector of engineering and geodetic researches:

  • Engineering and geodetic researches;
  • Survey.


Enterprise location: 212026, Mogilev, Orlovskogo St., 24B.

Phone for reference: +375(222)64-78-40 (reception)    t/fax: +375(222)64-94-10

The list of the documents necessary for performance of work on establishment of borders of the land plot and production of land management business (natural persons)

  1. Statement;
  2. Personal passport;
  3. Schematic plan of borders of the land plot (in the presence);
  4. Decision of executive committee (in the presence) or judgment;
  5. Technical data sheet (in the presence);
  6. The document the confirming partition of the house (in the presence of several owners of a house);
  7. Documents confirming property right to a structure (the contract of purchase and sale, the evidence on the right for inheritance, the contract of donation, etc.).

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