Republican affiliated unitary enterprise "Design Institute Mogilevgiprozem"
of the republican unitary enterprise "Design Institute Belgiprozem"

Primary activity of the enterprise is performance land management, land, design and exploration work, development of construction projects of buildings and constructions and other types of works and services.

The enterprise performs works on land management and redistribution of lands between land users, land owners, owners and tenants of the land plots, makes registration of materials in coordination of the location of construction objects (roads, the enterprises, residential and production buildings, etc.), on representation of the land plots to the enterprises, organizations, institutions for various purposes, citizens for maintaining peasant farm, collective gardening and truck farming, country and individual construction, on a deshifrirovaniye of aerial photographs and photoplans, drawing up digital models of cards.

For performance of the specified works and an agreement of land tenure and land use the enterprise performs works on creation of planned and high-rise justification by means of the high-precision geodetic equipment with use of satellite systems.


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